Voluntary Amortization of Debts

More commonly known as a "Chapter 128"

Wisconsin residents are eligible to file a petition under Wisconsin Statutes Section 128.21.  Often known as filing a "Chapter 128," this proceeding allows Wisconsin consumers the ability to repay debts.  Here are some important things to know when deciding whether a Chapter 128 is right for you:

  • Compared to debt consolidation plans, Chapter 128 have strong benefits including:
    • A Court order prohibiting included creditors from garnishing wages;
    • Upon completion of the plan, a Court order confirming completion of the plan and satisfaction of paid debts.
    • Oversight by a Judge, with the ability to get relief from creditors who violate active protections.
    • The assistance and availability of an attorney to help navigate problems with payments.
  • A Chapter 128 repayment plan can last no longer than three years.  Any debt that is included in a Chapter 128 plan must be paid in full within three years.  This usually prohibits consumers from including mortgages, car notes, and most student loans.
  • When debt is included in a Chapter 128 repayment plan, those creditors cannot garnish, execute, or attach your assets.  This is known as a "stay." It is important to understand that the stay available under a Chapter 128 is a lot more narrow than the stay available to those who file bankruptcy.
  • Filing a Chapter 128 gives you the ability to pick and choose which debts are included in your repayment plan.  
  • Chapter 128 plans can be paid monthly or by automatic payroll deduction.
  • Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 128 does not prohibit creditors from contacting you or obtaining a judgment against you.  Although there may be remedies under other sections of Wisconsin law to help avoid such activity by creditors, there are no such provisions in Chapter 128.

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