Negotiated Repayment with Creditors

You may also prefer to negotiate directly with creditors.  Although this is an option many individuals can handle on their own, the benefits of hiring an attorney to negotiate on your behalf include:

  • Being advised of the leverage creditors have against you, including your exposure to collection actions and the risk of losing assets
  • Understanding the procedure of lawsuits and other actions against you, allowing you to make more informed financial plans and decisions.
  • Being advised of your consumer rights;
  • Developing a plan that deals not only with immediate debt issues but anticipates other common issues involved with payment such as tax consequences, avoiding liens, and protecting retirement assets. 
  • Not having to deal with rude creditors, long hold times, and aggressive debt collectors. 

Our Services

Payment Plans

Chapter 128 Payment Plan

In some cases, you may be able to afford a repayment plan with your creditors.  Under Wisconsin law, residents can file a plan to be approved by a Court that allows repayment over three years.  Further, this option provides you with protection from certain collection actions including wage garnishment.   We can help you develop a plan under Wisconsin's Chapter 128 proceeding.  Additional benefits include cheaper attorney fees, no mandatory court hearing, easier paperwork, and less intrusiveness than bankruptcy filings. 

Bankruptcy Relief

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Filing bankruptcy is the most powerful remedy available to consumers.  Filing a bankruptcy petition will immediately protect your assets from foreclosure, repossession, garnishment, disconnection, and more.  Moreover, bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt.  The goal in your case often times is to get a "discharge."  The discharge is what creates the "clean slate" and opportunity for a "fresh start," terms commonly associated within filing bankruptcy.  To learn more about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and how bankruptcy can help you achieve your goals, contact my firm for a free consultation!